10the WinterTango

6th - 9th/10th February 2020 in Eisenach

Registration required - this is a private event!

Dear friends,
for the tenth consecutive year, we would like to spend a few days "milonging" with friends.

While we stayed near Dresden for the first three years, we moved to a new location in Eisenach (Thuringian Forest) in 2014. „Haus Hainstein“, located at the foot of Wartburg castle has been very accommodating and convinced us to return. The property was originally built in 1889 and has been continuously upgraded and transformed into a stylish hotel. The Milongas will take place in  the 127 m² "Luthersaal" which provides a good wooden floor.

As in the past, we keep up our idea:

  • No workshops, no live music and shows,
  • spend time together, have fun, enjoy good conversations, sightseeing, a few hikes
    (maybe with some stops and tango en route)
  • and, of course, dance in close embrace in a warm and friendly environment
  • to 100% traditional music structured in tandas and cortinas, respecting each other and the ronda.
  • And yes, we love mirada and cabeceo.
  • All participants will stay at the same hotel.

The number of participants is limited to approx. 100.
Single registrations are welcome. We try to balance leaders and followers as best as possible.